Biblical Ministry

2 Timothy 4:2


We’re People of The Book


Jesus has just stepped on the earth after conquering death. He’s just proved his divinity, answered the skeptics, conquered death, brought salvation for all who call on him. Now, he’s talking with his followers and showing them how all that has happened was foretold. He had the opportunity to open their minds to the mysteries of death and life, the joys of breathing again after dying! Jesus could have told the disciples about what his last thoughts were, the last thing he saw with his eyes; he could have told them the first thing he saw after coming back from death! He could have told them about what he did while his body was in the tomb! There were lots of things that Jesus COULD have said and done when he walked with the disciples for the first time after rising from death but here’s what he did do: he taught from God’s Word!


“…Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.” -Luke 24:27


At Mission Community Church, we can do no better than Jesus. We take the Bible seriously and it is our commitment to live, speak, teach, encourage and do all ministry according to the Scriptures. This doesn’t mean that we will take on some lofty tone and talk funny to sound like we’re stuck in the 1600s! No, the Word of God is living and active! That means that God speaks to us today through the Bible and his words today guide us through life today! So, we will be Biblical in all we do, trusting that God will guide us clearly and bring us the joy and peace he’s always brought to faithful people.


Intentional Discipleship

2 Timothy 2:2


People Help People Grow
There’s power in example. Trying to rebuild a car engine by reading a book will only get you so far. Rebuilding an engine by training with a world-class mechanic will quickly make you a pro! The principle here is that we grow and learn well by following the examples of others who have gone before us. God -who wrote the blueprint for humanity- tells us to live according to this truth by intentionally partnering with other faithful Christ-followers so we can learn from and eventually teach them as well.


The Apostle, Paul (one of the earliest and most well-known Christian leaders) told his protégé: “what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”


See the pattern that Paul wanted Timothy to follow? Paul had invested his life into Timothy, helping him to grow, now he’s here, telling him to invest his life into others…who would also invest their lives.

The pattern is for a kind of spiritual multiplication where people grow with the help of others. The added benefit is that sharing life -with all its joys, trials, fears, moments of beauty and moments of grief- is the best way to live. That’s why we are committed to following God’s pattern for spiritual growth. Growing with God together, on purpose…intentional discipleship.

Authentic & Vibrant Worship

Psalm 98:1


We Sing from Joyful Hearts


Worship is not singing of songs, tapping of toes, clapping of hands or humming a tune. Worship is gratitude, exaltation, joy and thanks; hope, expectation, anticipation, memory, wonder, excitement bursting out of our hearts by way of our mouths and lungs! Playing on the keys, strumming the chords, beating the drum! Unhindered worship of our awesome God uses everything at our disposal to cry out to the living God: YOU ARE WORTHY!


At Mission Community Church, our goal is to say to God with every ounce of our being- that we love Him, want to follow Him and long to be with him. So, we’ll sing old songs because of their value, we’ll rewrite old songs to make them our own! We’ll sing new songs because they reflect who God is in our lives TODAY! In all, we will give our hearts and words to reflect the goodness of God in the worship that pours from His people, the church.


Service-Oriented Community

Galatians 5:13


We Love As We’ve Been Loved

What if you had been given the cure for cancer but you didn’t use it? What if you, once a slave, had the keys to all the shackles of your neighbors, but you just watched them wallow in bound sadness and grief? That’s a horrible thought, isn’t it? Well, in Christ, we have been given freedom; not from iron cuffs, but from the stronger power of sin! With our freedom, then, we’ve been called to live beyond ourselves. We’re called to live as reconcilers, helping people around us to be reconciled to God through the salvation that Christ bought. We are called to a ministry of reconciliation between God and people, and many times this looks less like a sermon and more like a Samaritan.


At Mission Community Church, we are committed to demonstrating our love for Jesus and for the people of the world by serving our community; both immediate (local) and global. We want to love others practically, not because it is some wooden Christian duty, but because it reflects the love we’ve received and in-turn, want to show to the world!


Sharing the Good News

Romans 10:5-15


We Share What We Love

It’s still Good News! When a car is started, it hums. When a bulb is lit, it glows! When a person encounters the living God and is rescued from an eternity of darkness without God…they share! We are committed to completing our joy by sharing the Good News of Jesus with others. This isn’t about being pushy but being clear! We believe that God is still at work in the world, rescuing lives from futility and saving souls from Hell. Better still, we believe that we can play a part in that amazing work of God reconciling people to himself. Our part is to share the Gospel clearly so that God can woo others to himself through us.


At Mission Community Church, we are committed to evangelism; sharing the Good News that Jesus Christ is God and he’s made a way for our sins to be forgiven and our eternal home to be secure in Heaven.