What do we want to see if God does everything through us that we think He wants to do? That’s our vision. Specifically…

Our Vision:

We want to see our community and the world changed through our visible, tangible, living, thriving example of a Christlike community of Christians who love Jesus zealously, know the Scriptures thoroughly and lovingly serve the world relentlessly. We want to give outsiders every reason to consider the claims of Jesus Christ and believe that God is among us because of our loving, committed, thoughtful example of corporately pursuing Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

What are we here to do? That’s a very important question! For Mission Community Church, the answer is clear and two-fold.

1. We are called to be a community of people who love Jesus Christ, love people and serve our world for the glory of God.

2. We believe that serving Jesus Christ and serving the world does not happen by standing alone on a hill and shouting. Instead, we believe that Jesus’ best reflection shines from many mirrors. So, we are excited to partner with other Christ-centered churches and ministries to help people: know and love Jesus (Worship Christ), grow in their faithfulness to Christ (Equip to Live for Christ), and use every loving means to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with every man, woman and child in our communities.